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Building Decks takes Time and Effort

Lost money buying cards from an expensive store?

Spend too much time finding the right cards for your deck?

No fun creating proxy cards just to playtest your idea?

Less time hunting down the right cards, decks and prices, means more time playing and winning the game we love!

Why Decked Builder

  • Search Faster
  • Research Faster
  • Build Faster
  • Buy Faster
  • Card Cam
  • Collections Management


“This is the program I recommend for anyone willing to spend $4 on an MtG application. I’m one of those people who will generally take the free alternative over the paid app any day, but I’m actually happy to have spent the money on this one. It has a ton of very cool features, runs smoothly, and even has RSS feeds for several top MtG sites.”

Michael Evans,

“Decked Builder is the most versatile and common solution, but a close Integration for all versions and reasonable price – make it indispensable experienced player.”

Pavel Dmitriev,

“Decked Builder is a great multi-tool for any Magic player. I’ve really enjoyed how it helps with organizing my collection, and I’d definitely recommend it to players who are looking to get into drafting.”

Sean Migalla,

“The best deck building app out there!”

“You can find Decked Builder on the iTunes App Store here for $5.99 on iPad (Requires iOS 5.1), and here for $3.99 on iPhone and iPod Touch (Requires iOS 4.0). If you think it’s pricey, consider that I bought this app and use it on my iPhone and iPad. Yes, I bought it twice; it’s THAT good.”

Dave Rehm,

“Love this app, has replaced all my custom spreadsheets… Well worth the investment!”

Jeff Warwick

“I’m a Spanish Magic: The Gathering player (Legacy & Vintage)…. I have downloaded the new version of your App. It’s great… Most of the El Nucli players and Arbitrer (store in Barcelone) are already using your App.”

Marc Sanz Ghigo

“I love the app. By far the most stable of the deck-building apps on my 3G…. Thanks for a great app!”

Tim Miller

Search Faster

Decked Builder’s on-device card database gives you a speedier search, online or offline. It’s constantly updated with all the latest sets.

Search for any card name, type or text. For example, type “Landfall” to find every Landfall card
Need a Standard legal, common, 3 casting cost or Blue Instant? Get your available choices instantly

Build Faster

Build decks at lightning speed with Decked Builder’s fun and highly optimized user interface, then play test your deck in the app itself.

Easily create decks
Easily analyze your deck
Quickly calculate and adjust land ratios
Compute mana curves and other vital deck statistics

Buy Faster

Once your custom deck is complete, Decked Builder lets you purchase your deck right away from affiliated stores. Instantly find the cheapest cards and decks among all our stores.

Buy missing cards with a single click

CardCam (add-on)

Tired of adding cards to your deck manually? Just show any card in front of your device’s camera. Add new cards to your deck with no fuss, no typing and no effort!

The same CardCam technology is featured in Loading Ready Run’s MTG video streams.


Easily scan in your cards

Collections Management (add-on)

As your card collection increases, the app helps you keep track of every single card.

Easily manage your collection

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Getting started

  1. Download the app. Now you can build decks on the go, anytime inspiration strikes!

  2. Have fun building new decks with the app. Research new decks, find the right cards, play test, calculate stats, plan your sideboard… building decks can be fun if you don’t have to do all the drudge work.

  3. Purchase your deck from one of our affiliated stores Don’t waste time hunting for the best prices, let us do it for you!

  4. Start having fun with your new deck!

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